Being aware and supportive of, and involved in our community


At FIS we believe that those who can do more for others, should do more.

FIS actively supports organizations that serve the less fortunate members of our communities by tackling basic needs like food, shelter, assistance. These challenges are complex, and no one company alone can solve them. So we work across sectors to create solutions with lasting impact.


CHARITIES: The charities that we have supported are in the areas of hunger relief and food security, safe housing for vulnerable children:


● The Felix Project, that delivers over 20 million meals per year (London, UK)

● Banco Alimentare, that provides food to over 7000 frontline charitable entities (Milan, Italy)

● SOS Villaggio dei Bambini, that grants safe housing for vulnerable children (Saronno, Italy)


WORKPLACE GIVING: We encourage our team members to contribute to the communities where they live and work. The company facilitates employee donations all year-round.


VOLUNTARY WORK: Our commitment to local communities is a key ingredient in the success of our corporate citizenship. In compliance with local lockdown restrictions, we encourage our team members to dedicate up to 16 hours of work time per year to volunteering in their local communities.